Cuba November 2002

Plakat GruppeTšnzerinenTradicionalesLazNorcrNorranMargharPflanzgTšnzerinGeburtstagAnhalterinZigarren

This is a selection of photos taken with the video camera. There were not very many of them.
1. poster advertising our performance, 2. the group (naturally without the photographer, Peter), 3. dancers in Antilla, 4. Los Tradicionales, 5. LŠzaro and daughter Norcristian, 6 LŠzaro's daughter Norannys who in 2004 started to learn German, 7. Margarita, 8. planting a tree at Radio Banes as a remembrance of our visit, 9. dancer in Banes, 10. birthday serenade at the beach, 11. a hitch-hiker that we took along with her cake during our trip, 12. in the cigar factory. He had actually asked for a copy of the photos. Maybe he will get it this way one of these days.