Marie and Peter Voss in Munich

Marie died on Jan. 10, 2018.

This site was started when we got a new email-address that is no longer the main adress. 
If you should ever turn up in Munich or vicinity, you are most likely to notice us by the somewhat unusual way we move around.
Our house for a while also looked somewhat unusual as compared to its surroundings, but now (since 2006) it is quite normal in white.


As it turned out, there can be years between updates. Therefore we will mention here only that we also got new normal bikes, that we use the bikes frequently, still do Bavarian folk dancing and lately have been quite active with the Munich Peace movement (Münchner Friedensbündnis and Munich American Peace Committee). In the year 2005 we added the chronicles for the years 2002 to 2005.

Folk dancing was the occasion for a four week trip to Cuba in November 2002. The first two weeks and also a few days at the end we stayed in the tourist ghetto of Guardelavaca and the rest of the time we spent traveling with four friends on a roundtrip from the east to the west of Cuba and back. During the first two weeks nine days were dedicated to the cultural exchange in Banes and surroundings. We were a group of 25 people dancing and singing to Alpine folk music and the Cubans reciprocated during this time with an extensive program of dances, songs and visits. Peter was responsible for filming videos and occasionally also took photos with the video camera. Marie's camera had already got lost on the plane on the way to Cuba.

Folk dancing was also the reason to make an attempt for a somewhat more exhausting hike into the mountains for a weekend. Such hikes have been very strenuous for Marie for quite some time. But in July 2003 the hike up to the Wolfratshauser mountain hut near Lermoos in Austria on the Western side of the Zugspitze mountain went without problems. There we danced into the night on the terrasse (see folk dancing) and had a wonderful constantly changing view of the Wetterstein mountains. The first photo of this photo collection can also be viewed in greater detail.

In May 2004 the group invited our Cuban host Lázaro, for whom the group had arranged an extensive visiting program, starting with a stay at a mountain hut in the snow, then plenty of folklore and a performance of  Lohengrin at the National Theatre. Lázaro is responsible for the music program of Radio Banes. Unfortunatelyy the two of us had problems with their ankle ankles, Peter through the after-effect of  torn ligaments, Marie as a result of the descent from the mountain after the stay in the hut. We therefore missed  a good part of the program.

In the year 2004 there were three more significant events, of which photos exist: a raft trip on the Isar river, a visit to Rütznow/Prusinow in Poland, where Peter lived during the war with his grandparents, and Peter's trip to the olive harvest in Palästine.

Here you will find a illustrated chronicle of other events during the last years.

In the year 2002, i.e.three years after Peter had retired, he wrote a review article on radiation effects in silicon which, however, was never published. The fact that two people spent their time proofreading the article should be reason enough to somehow try to make it public. This is the reason why it appears here as a somewhat unusual attachment. Later Peter reported the paper to his old colleagues at a power semicoductor colloquium.